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What is Home LLLT?

Home low-light laser therapy (LLLT) can encourage hair growth for many patients. This innovative treatment option uses LLLT to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. At Madeliene Elaine in Chevy Chase, MD, we look forward to teaching patients who experience androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness) about the benefits of LLLT. Our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Madeliene Elaine Gainers, will diagnose your condition and may recommend LLLT as part of your treatment strategy. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gainers at her Chevy Chase, MD office to learn more about your hair loss treatment options. In addition to the wide range of hair loss concerns addressed at Madeliene Elaine, Dr. Gainers is also knowledgeable in the treatment of hair loss among black women and people of color.

Who Benefits from LLLT Treatments?

LLLT has proven effective for many patients who suffer from male or female pattern baldness. Based on a 2014 study from the PubMed library, LLLT treatments worked well for men and women and stimulated new hair growth. During your consultation, Dr. Gainers will look at your hair loss pattern and the severity of your hair loss to diagnose you and develop a strategy to help with hair growth. Generally, when creating a strategy, Dr. Gainers starts off with more conservative methods for hair loss, which could include nonsurgical options, like LLLT treatments at home. 

How Does LLLT Work?

After designing a treatment plan, Dr. Gainers will provide information on where to purchase your cap. If you plan on buying on the internet, please ensure that it says FDA-approved and medical-grade laser in the description. As you wear the cap, it stimulates the hair follicles, encourages growth factors, and improves circulation. When following a consistent routine, it takes about 2 – 6 months to see results.

Reduce Thinning Hair with Home LLLT

LLLT treatments at home can help reduce the effects of male and female pattern baldness. At your appointment with Dr. Gainers, she will design a treatment plan that aligns with your concerns. As a proven treatment and approved by the FDA, you can generally see hair growth in 2 – 6 months. Please call Madeliene Elaine in Chevy Chase, MD to learn more about LLLT home treatments. Dr. Gainers can provide detailed information and incorporate treatment options that holistically improve the appearance of your hair.

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