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About Hair Prosthetics

Hair prosthetics can help patients who suffer from hair loss because of alopecia or chemotherapy. Specifically designed for your hair needs, our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Madeliene Elaine Gainers, will help you select the best options for this medical-grade, custom hairpiece. Depending on your concerns, we can tailor the prosthetic to cover small patches of hair loss or provide full coverage. At your consultation, Dr. Gainers will discuss your options and create a treatment plan for you. If you have tried more conservative treatments or you want to cover thinning hair, hair prosthetics can help you feel more confident. This option provides a beautiful, natural-looking solution for permanent or temporary hair loss. Please schedule an appointment at Madeliene Elaine in Chevy Chase, MD with Dr. Gainers.

What are hair prosthetics?

Also known as hair prosthesis, hair prosthetics is a nonsurgical treatment option for hair loss. If you do not want to undergo hair transplant surgery, this can provide a semi-permanent solution that requires some maintenance. Without the extensive upkeep of a wig, you can wear the piece in the shower, during exercise, or when swimming. Before receiving a hair prosthetic, Dr. Gainers will try to treat the hair loss with more conservative methods. However, depending on the type of alopecia you have and the severity, a hair prosthetic may work best, especially if you want to avoid a surgical hair transplant, like FUT or FUE.

How Do Hair Prosthetics Work?

After your consultation, Dr. Gainers will help you select the best hair prosthetic for your needs. She will start by:

  • Reviewing your hair type, the pattern of hair loss, and texture
  • Choosing the best piece based on the severity of your hair loss
  • Matching the color of the cap to your complexion so it blends in naturally with your scalp and surrounding hair
  • Taking molds and measurements of your scalp to ensure a customized fit
  • Discussing medical history to determine if you have any sensitivity to certain materials

Once you and Dr. Gainers have decided on the best options, she will need to create the hair prosthetic and have you come back in for a fitting. She will also discuss how often you need to schedule follow-up appointments and how to care for your new prosthetic.

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Achieve Beautiful, Natural-looking Hair

Hair loss can make you feel extremely self-conscious. If you have tried more conservative options and you want to avoid hair transplant surgery or you don't qualify for it, Dr. Gainers at Madeliene Elaine in Chevy Chase, MD is extremely proud to offer this beautiful solution to her patients. She knows how difficult it can feel to experience issues with hair loss, and she will be with you throughout your hair transformation journey. Without the maintenance of a wig, hair prosthetics provide a semi-permanent solution to covering partial or full hair loss. Don't let hair loss prevent you from engaging in the things you love. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Gainers to learn more.

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