Trichoscopic Hair Analysis in Chevy Chase, MD

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About Trichoscopic Hair Analysis

If you experience hair loss, Dr. Madeliene Elaine Gainers can perform trichoscopic hair analysis or a scalp analysis to help diagnose your condition. Utilizing advanced technology, Dr. Gainers reviews your scalp to help create the best plan for you. In addition to assessing if something internally is causing hair loss, it's essential to understand if your scalp is inflamed or irritated. During your consultation, Dr. Gainers will use high-quality digital imaging to look at your scalp and hair fibers. To learn more about trichoscopic hair analysis testing, please schedule an appointment at Madeliene Elaine in Chevy Chase, MD.

Who Is A Good Candidate for A Scalp Assessment?

Specializing in hair loss, Dr. Gainers can review your scalp and perform a blood panel to gain a full understanding of your condition. This will help her design a treatment plan that works best for you. When assessing your scalp with the scope, Dr. Gainers will look for scalp disease or miniaturization of hair follicles. Miniaturization of hair follicles can indicate future hair loss issues and may require another treatment type to address this issue. During this part of your appointment, you and Dr. Gainers will look at up-close images of your scalp and discuss what she notices. If she sees inflammation or disease, she may prescribe a treatment option for this. Through a holistic analysis of your scalp, hair fibers, and blood work, Dr. Gainers will ensure you feel knowledgeable about your condition and treatment options.

Treatment Options

Depending on your blood work and scalp analysis, Dr. Gainers will develop the best treatment plan for your condition and preferences. Offering a variety of options, she will try more conservative methods at first, such as PRP therapy, hair loss medications, or laser therapy. In some cases, patients may benefit from more invasive options, like hair transplant surgery. Dr. Gainers will work closely with you to discuss treatment options and ensure you feel comfortable and knowledgeable.

Schedule A Scalp Analysis

A scalp analysis can provide insight into the reason for your hair loss. Dr. Gainers is proud to provide innovative diagnostic testing, like trichoscopic hair analysis. As a trained dermatologist with extensive experience in trichology, you and Dr. Gainers can assess all the different components that impact hair loss. Please schedule an appointment at Madeliene Elaine in Chevy Chase, MD to learn more about trichoscopic hair analysis.

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